Eland Family Room

Rich and deep fabrics against the stark white of freshly pressed cotton linen gives me the warm fuzzy feeling of sleeping in on a winter’s morning when I walk into Eland, our family room. The dark wood of the queen sleigh bed melds seamlessly into the stormy accent wall, overseen by paintings of Nguni cows done by local artist John Lamberti.

Eland has bunker beds (sleeps 2) and a sleeper couch to accompany the queen bed. Eland is only one (1) room, everybody sleeps together.

Eland has its own semi-private deck overlooking our very own forever uninterrupted view of our St Lucia wetlands. With visits from most of the 526 species of bird, hippos, antelope and the naughty monkeys, Eland’s deck is ideal for watching the animals while watching the children play.

Eland’s bathroom has a walk-in, wet-room-type shower which is wheelchair accessible; the bathroom is also equipped with all of the necessary handrails for when they are required. The shower head is on a flexible pipe and can be lowered or used independently from its mounting.

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