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All of our rates include a full Continental (cold) and English (hot) breaskfast. Our breakfast is served on the deck alongside the swimming pool, across the road from the guest house is the virtual beginning of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and the first South African World Heritage Site (since 1999).
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Our Blesbok Suite
Items in each room
  1. TV with DSTV
  2. Air conditioner
  3. Bar fridge
  4. Tea & coffee tray
  5. Ceiling fan
  6. Built-in safe
  7. Hairdryer
  8. Insect repellent

PLEASE NOTE: Blesbok is only available through DerTours.

     Our Blesbok Suite is the fourth of our suites, which comes equipped with two twin beds pushed side by side, and a single bed for the third person in the room, and a business-man type bathroom, only a shower for the "man-on-the-go".

     Blesbok's third bed is ideal for a youngster with his parents, or the frugal trio who all want to share the room to cut costs a little. Whatever the case may be, Blesbok is one of our guests' favorite rooms.

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     The neck and the top of the back of the Blesbok is brown. Lower down on the flanks and buttocks, the coloring becomes darker. The belly, the inside of the buttocks and the area up to the base of the tail is white. Blesbok can be easily differentiated from other antelopes because they have a distinct white face and forehead. The legs are brown with a white patch behind the top part of the front legs. Lower legs whitish. Both sexes have horns, female horns are slightly more slender. The Blesbok differ from the Bontebok by having less white on the coat and the blaze on the face, which is usually divided, their coats are also a lighter brown than that of the Bontebok. The length of their horns averages at around 38 cm. Male adult Blesbok average around 70 kg, females average lower, at around 61 kg.