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Conception and Design

Leopard Corner went from a self-catering property to a bed and breakfast in St Lucia in 2008. The guest house was designed around the already built house on the property. Designed as a wheelchair friendly and wheelchair accessible guest house, Leopard Corner is one of the few guest houses in St Lucia which caters to the physically challenged.

Leopard Corner started as an idea for disabled friendly accommodation in St Lucia and grew into the brainchild of Johannes and Shaun, your 2 engaging hosts. Leopard Corner was one of the first guest houses in St Lucia to be conceived and built specifically as a wheelchair friendly venue. Leopard Corner is brilliant for everyone, both physically challenged and able-bodied persons.

Who are We? Your Hosts

Johannes and Shaun make a formidable team running Leopard Corner.

Johannes and Shaun have both grown up in the hospitality industry. Johannes on the family game farm in Pongola, helping and waiting on guests. Shaun grew up in the USA and learned silver service in 5 star restaurants and boutique hotels.

Johannes grew up entertaining and is a wonder to watch with people. Even though he is inherently shy, when around guests, Johannes lights up, revealing a warmth and connection so absent in some personalities today. Shaun is an 18 year veteran in IT, but has also spent a lot of his life in the hospitality industry. Waiter, cocktail barman, sommelier and restaurant manager count as a few skills that contribute to his entertainment background.

With warmth and love Johannes and Shaun tend to the needs of Leopard Corner’s guests, making this the place to come and “Tame the African Wilds in Style!

Community Involvement

The St Luia Hippo Festival - go to

Leopard Corner truly believes that “Local is Lekker!” In all our endeavors we try to continuously support local suppliers over bigger, more commercialized businesses.

Leopard Corner tries to support and advertise on behalf of local community projects like: Project Rhino KZN, St Lucia X Factor, St Lucia Honorary Officers and the St Lucia Hippo Festival.

Save the planet for our kids, because this is all we have to give…our legacy. (Mars may take another couple of centuries to be colonized…)